Portable 2.5 hp Image
Portable 2.5 hp
Portable 2.5 hp Our 72-cc 2.5-hp portable outboard is the smallest motor on our roster, yet, it has some of the biggest news. Completely redesigned, it’s even more portable, easier to store and clea... Read More
Portable 4 hp Image
Portable 4 hp
Portable 4 hp Our 139-cc 4-hp portable outboard mirrors our OHV F6, with a couple less horses. It features the same ergonomic, easy-grip starter handle with a built-in decompression device for effortl... Read More
F6 Portable 6 hp Image
F6 Portable 6 hp
 F6 Portable 6 hp ... Read More
F8 Portable 8 hp Image
F8 Portable 8 hp
F8 Portable 8 hp ... Read More
Portable 9.9 hp Image
Portable 9.9 hp
Portable 9.9 hp Our 212-cc 9.9-hp portable is an impressive little outboard with a new, shorter tiller handle for increased comfort and the option of manual or electric start. The F9.9 platform is so ... Read More
Inline-4 Image
Compatible controls for every platform For the first time, the entire I-4 lineup is available with either digital or mechanical controls. The 26-inch mounting centers and bolt pattern on the F150, F175 and F200 are the same as tho... Read More
Offshore v6 Image
Offshore v6
REAL POWER MEETS FLEXIBILITY Our entire line of Offshore V6 4.2L outboards is compatible with either mechanical or digital controls. That gives you the freedom to increase your horsepower and your displacement without replacing yo... Read More
Jet Drive Image
Jet Drive
INCREDIBLE MANEUVERABILITY With no gearcase or propeller extending below the hull, a jet drive allows you to maneuver around or pass over obstructions that would limit the travel of a conventional propeller-driven outboard. And wi... Read More
High Thrust Image
High Thrust
Sporty New Look Because the Yamaha High Thrust T9.9 is such a popular kicker motor for the V MAX SHO®, it’s now available with an optional, V MAX SHO-inspired sport cowl. This creates a consistent look between your outboards—... Read More
Portable Four Strokes Image
Portable Four Strokes
CLEAN-BURNING POWER The Yamaha Portable F2.5 was recently California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) Three-Star Rated for Ultra-Low Emissions. This new certification means that Yamaha’s entire four-stroke line up meets emissions ... Read More
VMax SHO Inline Image
VMax SHO Inline
Streamlined power, extended All In-Line Four V MAX SHO® outboards are now available with 25-inch shafts. This brings V MAX SHO performance to multi-species boats, bay boats, pontoons and other 25-inch transom applications. ... Read More
VMax SHO V6 Image
Experience rapid hole shot Engineered with competition in mind, V6 V MAX SHO® outboards have a class-leading hole shot that’s up to 13 percent faster than competitive two strokes.