Complete Mechanical Repair Service


We all know boats are not like cars. Try driving your car up-hill all its life, and letting it sit in the elements for its lifetime. Maintenance is necessary and different on a boat - the elements are hard on your toy, and we can provide help. Do you know what maintenance to do, and when to do it? It’s different from boater to boater, boat to boat, engine to engine, and how we use our boats.
If you need an oil change, tune-up, replace your impeller, check alignment, bellows replacement, or reseal your stern drive - we can do it. We do it every day!! We can arrange it so the service won’t interfere with your boating schedule. Maintenance is the key to minimize down time and the way to plan for a safe season on the water.


If you're having carburetor, electrical, engine, or any running problems, we can attend to those needs with personal attention in a timely manner as well, and get you back on the lake feeling safe. Our services can be completed dockside or on-site at our shop. We are also available all year long.


When the unexpected happens, and your toy is broken, we will do the very best to get you back on the water. We work with your insurance company on your claim and repair any damages to get you going again.


We can repair and rebuild your engine, transmission or stern drive, or carburetor... keep your down time to a minimum, and you get back to fishing (we prefer to call it catchin').


Do you know the shelf life of fuel today? What can you do to help? We have ethanol treatment and fuel polishing services to help keep you on the go.


Do you want to upgrade? A new air conditioning system, new marine electronics, windlass, or appliances? These are upgrades that make your boating experience less like work and more like vacation! We can do it!


Do you know that if you run the wrong prop, your engine will have problems? Are you swinging the right prop to keep your engine fit? Do you have nicks and dings? How do you know which prop is right? We can help by fixing or replacing with estimated one week turnaround service.


Repairs can be expensive if maintenance is ignored. Our quotes are based on our experience of repairs, not a price to get you in the door. When we quote, we want you to know the how and the why of what repairs and maintenance are needed. If your boat doesn’t need it - you don’t pay for it.

Winterize, Wrap & Storage Services


Our winterization specials are maintenance oriented plans and are tailor made for each type of engine and drive. Maintenance can be the difference between a good and bad season on the lake. The specials are filled with items that are needed within a certain amount of hours or annually. At this important time of year we offer our lowest price for these services, which can lead into more savings if more problems are found.
We also offer discounts on service during the winter. Winter time is the perfect time of year to get those lists and larger projects completed. Call to discuss your winter maintenance service plan. We do our best to save you money and time, headache and heartache!!


If you trailer your baby, you can drop her off at our shop for winterization. Call to schedule a drop off time, and we'll get you ready for the cold season.
If you like to store at your marina, but they don’t provide the benefit of a service department, we can provide that security, too. Our mobile winterization and shrink wrap crews can travel to your boat. We can arrive at your marina with all of the necessary equipment and tools to winterize all systems and wrap your boat for the upcoming cold season.